Ing. Milan Pindryč


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2008KRAUS Michal, KUNOVSKÝ Jiří, PINDRYČ Milan and ŠÁTEK Václav. Taylor Series in Control Theory. In: Proceedings UKSim 10th International Conference EUROSIM/UKSim2008. Cambridge: IEEE Computer Society, 2008, pp. 378-379. ISBN 0-7695-3114-8.
 ŠÁTEK Václav, KUNOVSKÝ Jiří, KRAUS Michal and PINDRYČ Milan. TKSL to World Standards Comparison. In: MOSIS '08. Ostrava, 2008, pp. 21-27. ISBN 978-80-86840-40-6.
2007KUNOVSKÝ Jiří, PINDRYČ Milan, ŠÁTEK Václav and ZBOŘIL František V. Stiff systems in theory and practice. In: Proceedings of the 6th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation. Ljubljana: ARGE Simulation News, 2007, p. 6. ISBN 978-3-901608-32-2.
2006KUNOVSKÝ Jiří and PINDRYČ Milan. Experimental Comparisons of Simulation Algorithms. In: Proceedings of the Seventh International Scientific Conference "Electronic Computers and Informatics" ECI 2006. Košice, 2006, pp. 349-353. ISBN 80-8073-598-0.

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