Doc. Ing. Richard Růžička, Ph.D., MBA

Formal approach to digital circuits test scheduling

Czech title:Formální přístup k plánování testu číslicových obvodů
Reseach leader:Růžička Richard
Agency:Czech Science Foundation
Keywords:computer science, informatics, computer diagnostics, digital circuits, testability
The topic of the proposed project is a methodology for scheduling of a test of digital circuits structure at Register Transfer (RT) level. The structure consist of mutually interconnected units. It is supposed that the circuit structure was previously analysed from the testability point of view and the method of the test application for each unit was proposed. For this purpose, the testability analysis methodology developed under main project and introduced by proposer in his doctoral thesis can be used. In the same thesis, a formal model of the circuit under analysis and its properties important from the diagnostic point of view were presented. A starting point is the model of the circuit and results of previously performed testability analysis which say how (along which paths and using which units) the test application process will run for each tested unit. The aim of this project is to develop a formal methodology which identifies optimal sequence of the test of units, synchronization of diagnostic data flows and possibility of parallelization. The optimality of solutions of these problems directly affects the test application time. Due to the formal approach to the problem and utilisation of formal models, problems of the test application and scheduling will be converted to problems of discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science and it will be possible to use algorithms offered by these disciplines to solve the problems. Along with previously solved testability analysis problem and with test generation tools, the complex solution of the diagnostics of comprehensive (embedded) systems will be provided to user.

Preceding projects

2001Formal Approaches in Digital Design Diagnostics - Testable Design Verification, GACR, GA102/01/1531, 2001-2003, completed
Research leader: Kotásek Zdeněk
Team leaders: Drábek Vladimír, Růžička Richard, Sekanina Lukáš, Strnadel Josef, Zbořil František


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