Doc. Ing. Richard Růžička, Ph.D., MBA

Multimedia lab for design of advanced integrated systems

Czech title:Multimediální laboratoř pro návrh pokročilých integrovaných systémů
Reseach leader:Chudý Peter
Team leaders:Růžička Richard, Šimek Václav
Agency:Fond rozvoje vysokých škol MŠMT
Keywords:embedded systems, multimedia systems, programming, electronics, user interface, intergration
The aim of the project is to create a unified set of workplaces for the design and verification of advanced multimedia systems that support human operators in processes requiring in-time quality decision making, considering operators' system and spatial orientation. These multimedia embedded systems typically include an advanced plant model (to support the active role of a human operator) into which they are integrated via intuitive and sophisticated user interfaces. One of the principal advantages of the Faculty of information technology at Brno University of Technology is in providing the education in programming and design of technical solutions typically found in systems even outside the expected IT sphere. This seems beneficial for educating future experts on embedded solutions as electronics design, programming and multimedia knowledge are integrated within a unique application domain. Students' limited experience in knowledge integration would be therefore positively influenced by the means of the proposed project.

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