Doc. Ing. Josef Schwarz, CSc.

SCHWARZ Josef, JAROŠ Jiří and OČENÁŠEK Jiří. Migration of Probabilistic Models for Island-Based Bivariate EDA Algorithm. In: 2007 Genetic and Evolutionary Computational Conference. New York: Association for Computing Machinery, 2007, pp. 631-631. ISBN 978-1-59593-697-4.
Publication language:english
Original title:Migration of Probabilistic Models for Island-Based Bivariate EDA Algorithm
Title (cs):Migrace pravděpodobnostních modelů v EDA algoritmu s podvojnými závislostmi založeném na ostrovním modelu
Proceedings:2007 Genetic and Evolutionary Computational Conference
Conference:Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
Series:Volume I
Place:New York, US
Publisher:Association for Computing Machinery
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Evolutionary algorithms, EDA algorithms, island-based models, migration, learning of probabilistic models.
The paper presents a new concept of parallel bivariate EDA (estimation of distribution algorithm) algorithm using the island-based model with the ring topology. The traditional migration of individuals is compared with a newly proposed technique for the migration of probabilistic models.
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