Prof. Ing. Lukáš Sekanina, Ph.D.

SEKANINA Lukáš. Vztah mezi abstraktním a fyzickým výpočtem v kontextu evolučního návrhu. In: Kognice a umělý život VII. Opava: Silesian University, 2007, pp. 305-310. ISBN 9788072484126.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Vztah mezi abstraktním a fyzickým výpočtem v kontextu evolučního návrhu
Title (en):A Relation Between Abstract and Physical Computing in the Contex of Evolutionary Design
Proceedings:Kognice a umělý život VII
Conference:Kognícia a umelý život VII
Place:Opava, CZ
Publisher:Silesian University
evolutionary design, implementation problem, computing
Evolutionary algorithms can be utilized to design and implement digital circuits and, thus, computing systems. Some systems evolved in a physical medium exhibit the properties invisible neither in existing computing devices nor in natural systems whose behavior is usually interpreted as computing. This paper shows that it is impossible to establish a relation between physical computing of the device and an abstract computing model.
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