LDNS module documentationΒΆ

Here you can find the documentation of pyLDNS extension module. This module consists of several classes and a couple of functions.

Differences against libLDNS

  • You don’t need to use ldns-compare functions, instances can be compared using standard operators <, >, =

    if (some_rr.owner() == another_rr.rdf(1)):
  • Classes contain static methods that create new instances, the name of these methods starts with the new_ prefix (e.g. ldns.ldns_pkt.new_frm_file()).

  • Is it possible to print the content of an object using print objinst (see ldns.ldns_resolver.get_addr_by_name()).

  • Classes contain write_to_buffer method that writes the content into buffer.

  • All the methods that consume parameter of (const ldns_rdf) type allows to use string instead (see ldns.ldns_resolver.query()).

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