Ing. Josef Strnadel, Ph.D.


  • master degree in Computer Science and Engineering, FEECS BUT in Brno, 2000
  • Ph. D. in Information Technology, FIT BUT in Brno, 2004

Professional career:

  • 2000-2001 PhD student at FEECS BUT in Brno
  • 2002-2004 PhD student at FIT BUT in Brno
  • since 2004 employee at FIT BUT in Brno


  • 2004: Jan Hlavička Award for Best Paper Presented at PAD
  • 2002: Siemens Award Support for Postgraduate Students

Research interests:

  • Dependability 
  • Embedded, critical and cyber-physical systems
  • Real-time (operating) systems
  • Modeling and analysis of dynamic systems
  • Formal verification and model checking
  • Application of timed automata



Other interests:

  • (Bike)tourism, canoeing, air-riffle sport shooting
  • Reading, radio
  • Language studying - English (active conversational level), French (got to lower quality level), Latin (passive level)
  • Guinea-pig breeding, bonsai growing
  • Fine arts - painting, sculpture, design, computer graphics, artificial 3D scenes and animations creation and rendering
  • C/C++, Java(Script), VHDL, (La)TEX, Linux/Unix, Web-design
  • Amiga computers - history, portal 1, portal 2, Aminet, The Amiga Web Directory

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