Prof. Ing. Miroslav ©véda, CSc.

©VÉDA Miroslav and VRBA Radimír. An Integrated Framework for Internet-Based Applications of Smart Sensors. IEEE Sensors Journal. 2003, vol. 3, no. 5, pp. 579-586. ISSN 1530-437X.
Publication language:english
Original title:An Integrated Framework for Internet-Based Applications of Smart Sensors
Title (cs):Integrovaný rámec pro aplikace inteligentních senzorů na internetu
Book:IEEE Sensors Journal
Journal:IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 3, No. 5, US
Internet, messaging, multicasting, pressure analyzer, smart sensor
This paper presents an application of networked sensors that offers a reusable design pattern for a class of sensor-based appliances. It deals with an integrated, sensor networking framework stemming from the IEEE 1451 smart transducer interface standard, an object-based networking model, complemented by the Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA), a Compaq-Intel-Microsoft approach to Internet messaging, and by the Internet Protocol (IP) multicast communication, mediating efficient and unified access from Internet to smart sensors. The kernel of the paper focuses on utilization of this framework for a computer-based pressure measurement systems development environment as a real-world project while stressing smart pressure sensor and Internet connectivity architectures.
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