Prof. Ing. Tomáš Vojnar, Ph.D.

Modelling, Verifying, and Prototyping Distributed Applications Using Petri Nets

Czech title:Modelování, verifikace a prototypování distribuovaných aplikací s využitím Petriho sítí
Research leader:Češka Milan
Team leaders:Janoušek Vladimír, Rábová Zdeňka, Vojnar Tomáš
Team members:Haša Luděk, Kočí Radek, Křena Bohuslav, Schwarz Ivan
Agency:Czech Science Foundation
Keywords:distributed applications, modelling and prototyping, formal verification, object-oriented Petri nets
The project builds upon the original mathematical concept of object-oriented Petri nets (OOPNs) which has been proposed at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the Technical University in Brno and which combines advantages of high-level Petri nets and object-oriented design technologies. The project comes with two main goals. The first goal is to design and implement a tool for modelling, simulation, and prototyping distributed applications using OOPNs, including the possibility of running prototypes of applications in a truly distributed way and interconnecting them with external objects. The second goal is to allow for formal analysis and verification of OOPN-based models using especially their suitably reduced state spaces. This requires an original solution of some specific theoretical problems stemming from the dynamic instantiation of objects. Moreover, the possibility of modular and compositional analysis, as well as static analysis will be evaluated. The proposed conceptual and computer-aided tools for modelling, prototyping, and verification will be integrated by a methodology suggesting how they should be used for designing complex distributed applications in order to achieve their high maintainability, reliability, and effectiveness.


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