Prof. Dr. Ing. Pavel Zemčík

POLOK Lukáš, ŠOLONY Marek, ILA Viorela S., SMRŽ Pavel, ZEMČÍK Pavel, CLIFFORD Jeff a PABST Simon. A GPU-Accelerated Bundle Adjustment Solver. San Jose: NVIDIA, 2015. Dostupné z:
Jazyk publikace:angličtina
Název publikace:A GPU-Accelerated Bundle Adjustment Solver
Název (cs):GPU-Akcelerovaný Bundle Adjustment Solver
Konference:GPU Technology Conference
Místo vydání:San Jose, US
This talk will give an overview of the film production processes, focusing on high quality 3D reconstruction of the scene and how GPU acceleration applies to it, as well as the math and algorithms behind. Several solutions for accelerating the algorithms involved in the 3D reconstruction process exist, but very few are concerned with the online quality assessment of the reconstructed areas. This is mostly due to the computational load of the algorithms computing the error in the reconstruction. The presented approach proposes efficient solutions based on GPU implementation of the matrix operations involved. It differs from the existing solutions by exploiting the inherent sparse, block structure of the underlying system matrices. The work is part of the EU FP7 IMPART project.

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