Prof. Dr. Ing. Pavel Zemčík

MILET Tomáš, NAVRÁTIL Jan a ZEMČÍK Pavel. An Improved Non-Orthogonal Texture Warping for Better Shadow Rendering. In: WSCG 2015 - Full Papers Proceedings. Plzeň: Union Agency, 2015, s. 99-107. ISBN 978-80-86943-65-7.
Jazyk publikace:angličtina
Název publikace:An Improved Non-Orthogonal Texture Warping for Better Shadow Rendering
Název (cs):Neortogonální warpování textur pro zmenšení alias chyby shadow mappingu
Sborník:WSCG 2015 - Full Papers Proceedings
Konference:23rd International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2015
Místo vydání:Plzeň, CZ
Vydavatel:Union Agency
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shadow-mapping, alias, warping, local warping, minimal frustum, shadows
Publikace prezentuje novou real-time metodu warpingu textur pro snížení alias chyb shadow mappingu. Využívá sady warpovacích funkcí pro řádky a sloupce pomocí nichž distribuuje view-samply po shadow mapě.
In interactive applications, shadows are traditionally rendered using the shadow mapping algorithm.
The disadvantage of the algorithm is limited resolution of depth texture which may lead to aliasing artifacts on shadow edges.
This paper introduces an improved depth texture warping with non-orthogonal grid that can be employed for all kinds of light sources.
For instance, already known approaches for reducing aliasing artifacts are widely used in outdoor scenes with directional light sources but they are not directly applicable for point light sources.
We show that the improved warping parameterization reduces the aliasing artifacts and we are able to present high quality shadows regardless of a light source or a camera position in the scene.

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