Prof. Dr. Ing. Pavel Zemčík

SUMEC Stanislav, POTÚČEK Igor a ZEMČÍK Pavel. AUTOMATIC MOBILE MEETING ROOM. In: Proceedings of 3IA'2005 International Conference in Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence. Limoges, 2005, s. 171-177. ISBN 2-914256-07-8.
Jazyk publikace:angličtina
Název (cs):Automatické mobilní nahrávací zařízení
Sborník:Proceedings of 3IA'2005 International Conference in Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence
Konference:The Eighth International Conference on Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence
Místo vydání:Limoges, FR
Klíčová slova
omnidirectional vision, computer graphics, video editting
Meetings are important part of everyday human social life. It is generally suitable to retain information contained in the meetings for later use. Traditional approach of manual transcription is time consuming. Modern technology can help to automate meeting recording and processing. The goal is to develop suitable system for browsing, viewing and searching information contained in meetings. Various systems, which use one or several fixed cameras, were proposed. But one common important disadvantage of these systems is their installation requirements, because cameras are usually mounted to the walls of the meeting room; also size of such systems is unacceptable for mobile application. We propose the solution for mobile meeting room with one camera with special mirror, instead of several standard cameras. The system is equipped with common products. It is expected that the participants are located around a table s. figure 2. Such case is suitable for using of our system, which is then placed in the middle of the table. Each participant is captured from the frontal view. The processed video output from this system has panoramic view of all 360 degrees, so the recording equipment in our system consists of a standard laptop, one camera, and a set of microphones.
This paper presents methods for data processing recorded from meetings or meeting-like events. Traditional approach use several video cameras to record such events. In this paper, we suggest to use system with only one camera equipped with special hyperbolic mirror, which allows capturing of a large portion of the space angle. An advantage of this setup is its mobility, usage of no fixed mounted devices, easy installation, and lower price. The acquired data need to be presented to the human in the appropriate manner. An intelligent video editing is proposed for this purpose. The ultimate goal is to show only such part of the recorded video that contains the relevant information.
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