Computer Centre Staff

Head of department:
Ing. Petr Lampa
  • faculty computer network management
  • server rooms, distribution centers, active network components
  • faculty Web servers and databases
  • Unix servers, DNS, e-mail, Radius, CAS
System administration:
Ing. Rudolf Čejka, deputy head of department
  • FreeBSD servers management
  • network printers and copiers
  • Unix accounts, password changes
  • data backup
Ing. Petr Gaďorek
  • system integretor (information system coordination)
  • student accounts, password changes
  • campus access system
  • infrastructure IT management (SAP, Apollo, GIS)
Ing. Bohumil Michal
  • lab computers MS Windows
  • MS Windows servers management
  • Unix and AD accounts
  • DNS registrtion, mailing-lists, LDAP, Samba
  • software purchase (Select, faculty licenses)
  • VOIP phones management
Ing. Tomáš Kašpárek
  • Linux management (servers, labs and staff computers)
  • SGE computing cluster
  • active components management, network devices connection
Ing. Petr Lampa
  • Web FIT
  • FIT information system
Ing. Petr Gaďorek
  • data replication between IS FIT and IS BUT
Mgr. Jana Skokanová
  • videoservers, videoconference and streaming
  • lecture rooms A/V systems
  • information systsm FIT developement
Helena Dupalová
Radomíra Samsonová
  • organisation and operation of computer centre
  • student access to labs, access cards
  • time schedule of labs at computer centre
Zdeněk Juříček
Zdeněk Juříček junior
  • lecture rooms and A/V systems operation
Stella Habrdová
Milena Nečasová
Ywetta Pagová
  • computer centre reception
Ing. František Kreslík
Martin Kreslík
  • computer repairs and maintenance
  • computer reconfiguration and modernisation
  • keeping records of components and devices
Luděk Vrška
  • A/V devices and data projectors maintenance
  • data and power cabling maintenance
Jaromír Halas
  • data cabling operation, maintenance and installation
  • EZS, EPS, camera and access systems maintenance
  • server rooms and distribution centres manitenance

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