Short-term Study

The Short-term study programme is designed for exchange students coming to study at the Faculty of Information Technology of BUT for a period of up to 12 months within some of the EU programmes (Erasmus+, Visegrad Fund, etc.); their study stay is based on an agreement between universities or, exceptionally, as a "free mover".


Students applying for a study stay based on Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreement or other Inter-institutional agreement must be nominated by their institutional mobility coordinator before submitting their application.

How to apply for Short-term study

Brno University of Technology has implemented an online application service for admission of exchange students. Filling out the online form is the only way how to apply for the Short-term study stay at FIT BUT!

Deadlines for application are:

  • 31st May for the winter semester or for the whole academic year
  • 15th November for the summer semester and for an extension of the study stay.

Once the learning agreement is approved the students are supposed to print the E-application protocol and the Learning Agreement from their E-application, sign the forms and have them signed and stamped by the institutional representative, and send them, together with other application materials mentioned below, to

The FIT BUT does not require hard copies of these documents, however, if your institution does, send us please the originals to sign.

The required application materials:

  • Application form (E-application protocol)
  • Learning Agreement (printed from the BUT e-application)
  • Photo in the format SURNAME_Name.jpg ( e-mail to )
  • Transcript of records

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