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The Faculty of Information Technologies of Brno University of Technology offers cooperation in the area of information technologies. There are several possible forms of this cooperation and they are given below. The Faculty has been successful in research and development and the Faculty staff are ready to make their knowledge available. We offer the following forms of cooperation:

  • Joint preparation of national and international research projects
    The Faculty of Information Technologies has been very successful in obtaining and solving research projects, both national (Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Interior, Czech Science Foundation, etc.) and international (FP7 EU and FP7-ARTEMIS EU). We are interested in having research partners from among industrial enterprises who are interested in the project results and are willing to participate in the research.
  • Cooperation in the instruction of students
    We will welcome initiatives from outside the Faculty in external assignment and supervision of bachelor and diploma theses. If the students show interest in such projects, the results of these projects can be used to the authors. benefit. The cooperation can also have the form of invited lectures within a course or complete courses focused on providing professional specialization.
  • Jobs, services and licence agreements in the area of information technologies
    In some cases, the Faculty is inclined to take on contractual jobs in the area of information technologies, in particular when these jobs are interesting from the viewpoint of IT research. If necessary, licence agreements can be concluded concerning the results and software that are available at the Faculty.
  • Hosting of laboratories and research facilities
    In cases of long-term partnership with enterprises, specifically reserved premises of the Faculty can be made available for setting up laboratories or other workplaces of the cooperating enterprises that would be in direct contact with the Faculty staff and, in particular, with students, who can work there within their studies.

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