Research, development and publishing form specific activities of fundamental importance at the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT). These activities open space for creative basic, as well as applied research, prototype development, both inland and international cooperation, and they are also essential for scientific and professional growth related to habilitations, promotion for professorship, and the postgraduate doctoral study programme. They also bring the finance necessary for the development of the FIT.

The scientific and research activities at the FIT are directed towards up-to-date research areas concerning the theory, methods and applications of information technologies. Typical research areas at the FIT are the following:

The scientific and research activities form a substantial part of the postgraduate doctoral study programme. Gifted undergraduate students coming from both the Master and the Bachelor study programmes can also take part in them. Scientific and research activities are carried out within the framework of the Research Project of the faculty, different grants and research projects, habilitation theses and dissertations of the postgraduate doctoral students.

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