Biomarker - Determination of markers, screening and early diagnostics of cancer diseases using highly automated processing of multidimensional biomedical images

Research leader:Smrž Pavel
Team leaders:Zemčík Pavel
Agency:Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Czech Republic
Keywords:image processing, bioinformatics
The project aims at the determination of markers, screening and early diagnostics of cancer diseases using highly automated processing of multidimensional biomedical images


2011Images iterative filtering tool using deconvolutional approach, software, 2011
Authors: Štancl Vít
2009Generator of Algebraic Expressions for Classification, software, 2009
Authors: Juránek Roman, Zemčík Pavel
2008Fast Bilateral Filter, software, 2008
Authors: Seeman Michal, Zemčík Pavel
2007Separable Resampling, software, 2007
Authors: Přibyl Bronislav, Seeman Michal, Zemčík Pavel
 Volume data frequency analysis tool, software, 2007
Authors: Seeman Michal


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