ROBUST - veRificatiOn and Bug hUnting for advanced SofTware

Czech title:ROBUST - Verifikace a hledání chyb v pokročilém softwaru
Research leader:Vojnar Tomáš
Team leaders:Kofroň Jan (MFF UK)
Team members:Holík Lukáš, Křena Bohuslav, Malásková Věra, Peringer Petr, Rogalewicz Adam, Smrčka Aleš
Agency:Czech Science Foundation
Keywords:formal verification; static analysis; symbolic verification; automated abstraction; dynamic analysis and testing; noise injection; model-based testing; automata; logics; pointer programs; concurrent programs; container programs;
Automated software verification and bug hunting are a hot topic in both industry and academia. Indeed, they can save a lot of money and, in case of safety-critical software, even human lives. This project aims at new automated methods of static formal verification (based on approaches like symbolic verification or automated abstraction) as well as extrapolating dynamic analysis and advanced testing of programs that use several classes of advanced programming constructions. In particular, the project concentrates on pointer programs, concurrent programs (including cloud programs), and container programs. While these areas are to some degree independent, there is also a lot of overlap among them: On one hand, one needs to consider various combinations of the mentioned constructions (e.g., concurrent pointer programs). On the other hand, one needs to solve similar problems for all of them. An important example of the latter considered in the project is dealing with open programs, i.e., program fragments that the programmers need to verify despite their environment is unknown.


2019VeriFIT Static Analysis Plugins, software, 2019
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