SMARTCarPark - Surveillance Monitoring, Analysis and Re-identification of Traffic for Enhanced Car Parking

Czech title:SMARTCarPark - Monitorování, analýza a re-identifikace dopravy pro pokročilé parkování vozidel
Research leader:Herout Adam
Team leaders:Juránek Roman, Sochor Jakub, Špaňhel Jakub
Team members:Bartl Vojtěch, Očenášek Matěj (FEKT VUT), Sonth Akash Prakash (FIT VUT), Stiborová Hana (), Špaňhelová Klára ()
Agency:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Keywords:Traffic Analysis; Visual Surveillance; Computer Vision; Law Enforcement; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Metropolitan Congestion; Smart Cities; Public Parking
The aim of the project is to develop a new functionality of a parking monitoring system using surveillance camera systems. Parking monitoring will be implemented by monitoring and analyzing the movement of vehicles in the monitored area. The main goal is placed on the non-invasiveness of the proposed solution and the maximization of anonymous vehicle traffic monitoring only with the use of visual features without unambiguous vehicle identification, ie. with the protection of personal data. By creating the proposed solution, it will be possible to make transport and parking in cities more efficient.


2018Automatic Camera Calibration, software, 2018
Authors: Bartl Vojtěch, Špaňhel Jakub, Juránek Roman, Herout Adam


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