Detection of reference marks in the FIB / SEM image

Czech title:Detekce referenčních značek v obraze FIB/SEM
Research leader:Zemčík Pavel
Team leaders:Juránek Roman
Agency:TESCAN Brno, s.r.o.
Keywords:Detection of reference marks in the FIB / SEM image
1606/5000 The subject of the work is the design and evaluation of the algorithm for accurate and reliable detection of the reference mark in the image of SEM and FIB microscopes. The mark consists of a simple cross, the model is prepared by TESCAN Brno, s.r.o. (hereinafter TESCAN) as part of the first stage. The brand may have different quality and different damage. The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) compiles algorithms and authentication software for detecting this mark in a SEM and FIB microscope image. The first step of the algorithm is the detection of the mark in the image, the second step is the exact localization. The first step will be solved using a simple detector, such as Boosted Soft Cascade, the second step with a suitable algorithm, eg using a convolutional neural network. For comparison, the usual technique of phase correlation detection will also be used.
Project description:
The following timetable determines when the stage will be resolved. The weeks are reported from signing the contract.

Week 4.
TESCAN prepares a basic dataset containing a tag in SEM / FIB, min. 300 brands under all the expected conditions. In order to train the algorithm and its evaluation, the images will be supplemented with JSON metadata indicating the rectangle of the marker and its exact center. If possible, the center is estimated by another method (for example, phase correlation).

Week 8.
The FIT defines what other images you need to scan, in which resolution, and starts working on algorithms, prepare a technical report on stage fulfillment

Week 12.
TESCAN will supply an extended set - min. 5000 Images - Brands under different conditions, as defined in the previous stage.

Week 24.
FIT provides description of algorithms, authentication software, and reliability evaluation in the form of a technical report

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