Microscope control with RGBD camera

Czech title:Ovládání mikroskopu pomocí RGBD kamery
Research leader:Zemčík Pavel
Team leaders:Najman Pavel
Agency:TESCAN Brno, s.r.o.
Keywords:Microscope control with RGBD camera
The subject of the contract is the feasibility study of the SEM microscope control using a RGBD camera. This device will be firmly placed on the microscope's computer display and will be optically focused on the operator. Moving the operator's head towards the display will affect the behavior of the microscope control software.
TESCAN Brno, s.r.o. (hereinafter "TESCAN") and, within two weeks of signing the contract, will provide the contractor with the necessary software APIs in the TESCAN program for microscope management. The API will be conceived over the TCP / IP protocol so that it can be connected even remotely over the computer network. The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) will collect data from the device, filter data, evaluate basic user gestures, and transfer processed information using the software API to TESCAN software.
Project description:
The following microscope control techniques will be developed within this feasibility study.
1. Control of two-dimensional function by slight movement of the head. E.g. in the case of centering the microscope, it is possible to change the value of the parameters, eg centering, by moving the head to the left / right / forward / backward. The FIT software will send header / left / right and forward / backward information.
2. Automatically switch window context depending on where the user is watching. The FIT software will periodically pass on information about which part of the screen the user is watching.
3. Navigation in a large 2D image - the forward / backward motion will be mapped to the zoom in the image, the left / right / up / downward movement will be used to move the panorama direction.
In the event that new ideas or methods differ from previous techniques during the development, the techniques under examination may be changed by agreement between the parties.
The output of the FIT is a practical demonstration of these three methods.


2018NAJMAN Pavel and ZEMČÍK Pavel. Souhrnná zpráva ke smluvnímu výzkumu Tescan - Ovládání mikroskopu pomocí RGBD kamery. Brno: TESCAN Brno, s.r.o., 2018.

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