AI for Traffic and Industry Vision

Czech title:Umělá inteligence pro dopravní a průmyslové vidění
Research leader:Honec Petr (CAMEA)
Team leaders:Bařina David
Team members:Otáhalová Sylva, Zemčík Pavel
Agency:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Keywords:smart camera; traffic video processing; image and video processing; computer vision

The aim is to improve and expand the possibilities of video surveillance systems for traffic monitoring and traffic violation detection. Motivation is to improve utility
quality of video systems from the point of view of customers, simplification of settings and maintenance, as well as new system options and simplification (and possibly cheaper) of their construction. Typical system users are either the police (eg the Police of the Czech Republic or the municipal police) or the organization managing communications (eg, ŘSD, TSK Praha, BKOM). The expected benefit from the economic point of view is the maintenance or possibly a slight increase in the market in the Czech Republic, but especially support for the export of equipment.

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