Secuirty audit of Smart Payment Centrum system

Czech title:Bezpečnostní audit systému Smart Payment Centrum
Research leader:Barabas Maroš
Keywords:security audit, penetration tests
The aim of the penetration tests and security audits was to determine using technical and other expertise, resources and tools, whether the tested systems used by MONET+ were designed, configured and are operating in an effective way to reduce the risk of potential security threats. The project was divided into the following phases: 
  • Physical check of Data Centre equipment; 
  • Internal penetration tests of Payment Centrum infrastructure; 
  • External penetration test of W4P application without authentication; 
  • Configuration audit of chosen operating system; 
  • Scan of wireless networks in Data Centre; 
  • Investigation of network traffic within audited infrastructure 
  • Review and consideration of threads and vulnerabilities experienced in last 12 months 
  • Testing of segmentation and scope reduction

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