Auto-Navigation for Urban Air Mobility

Czech title:Auto-Navigace pro městskou vzdušnou mobilitu
Research leader:Šolony Marek
Team leaders:Zemčík Pavel
Team members:Milet Tomáš
Agency:Honeywell, spol. s r.o.
Keywords:drones, navigation, visual odometry, IMU, simultaneous localization and mapping, sensor fusion

Drones and Urban Air Mobility are on the rise and expected to achieve an applicable level of maturity by the end of year 2025. Therefore, technology enabling safe, fast and efficient aerial transport of cargo or passengers is needed. The concept of operation of such airborne platforms requires navigation solutions overcoming temporary loss of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and improved navigation performance in vertical axis. Hence, the objective of the Project is to obtain an extension of the navigation system using visual sensors and understand how such sensors are optimally integrated with inertial sensors and GNSS.

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