SIMLIB - Simulation Library for C++

Czech title:SIMLIB - simulační knihovna pro C++
Research leader:Peringer Petr
Team leaders:Martinek David
Agency:Faculty of Information Technology BUT
Keywords:simulation tools, combined simulation, multimodels
SIMLIB/C++ is the SIMulation LIBrary for C++ programming language. You can create models directly in C++ language with the use of predefined simulation tools from the library. SIMLIB allows object-oriented description of models based on simulation abstractions. Current version allows a description of continuous, discrete, combined, 2D/3D vector, and fuzzy models.

The library works with GNU C++ compiler under Linux (primary development platform), FreeBSD, and MS Windows (all platforms on i386+). The library is portable with one exception -- process switching code depends on setjmp/longjmp and some lines of assembly language.

SIMLIB/C++ is developed at the Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology. The development started in 1991. License: LGPL.

Project description:
See SIMLIB Home Page
Project outputs:
Implementace dostupná na WWW, příklady, publikace


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