Research Groups

Accelerated Network Technologies Research Group

Research Themes
  • Monitoring and security of computer networks
  • Acceleration of time critical operations, which are used in devices for network infrastructure or devices for network monitoring and security (packet header analysis and extraction, classification of packets, longest prefix match, pattern matching and flow CACHE management)
  • Design of devices and systems for network infrastructure, security and monitoring
  • Standard processors, MultiCORES and FPGA technology in networking

Automated Analysis and Verification Research Group - VeriFIT

Research Themes
Static analysis, dynamic analysis and testing of computer systems, software quality assurance, and related subjects from the areas of automata theory and logics, including:
  • Static analysis and verification with formal roots in the area of infinite-state systems (programs with pointers and dynamic linked data structures, concurrent programs with unbounded concurrency, programs with unbounded integer variables, arrays, parameters, recursion, unbounded communication channels, etc.), building on applications of theory of automata, logics, and graphs.
  • Testing and dynamic analysis of (esp. concurrent) software using a broad range of techniques (such as noise injection, extrapolation, data mining, machine learning), including possible self-healing or providing information for software quality assurance.
  • Formal verification in the area of hardware design based on high-level hardware description languages.
  • Research on efficient techniques of handling automata (e.g., simulation reduction of non-deterministic automata or efficient inclusion checking on non-deterministic automata), decision procedures for various logics, etc.

Brno University Security Laboratory - FIT

Research Themes
  • Attacks on hardware secure devices
  • Smart-card security
  • Reputation/trust-based systems
  • Security of protocols on IP
  • Internet security
  • Sensor and ad-hoc networks
  • Cryptography and cryptanalysis
  • Applied cryptography

Computational Photography Group - CPhoto@FIT

Research Themes
  • computational photography
  • visual geo-localization
  • HDR image and video processing
  • visual perception
  • image and video quality assessment
  • computational aesthetics

Computer Graphics Research Group

Research Themes
  • Realistic rendering of spatial scenes
  • Particle systems (point clouds) rendering
  • Large and distributed scenes
  • Acceleration of graphics algorithms in hardware
  • Animation of articulated structures, their kinematics and dynamics
  • Image and multispectral data compression
  • User interfaces

Dependable Systems Research Group

Research Themes
  • Reliability and safety
  • Fault injection and fault tolerant systems
  • Cyber-physical, critical, real-time and reconfigurable systems
  • Functional verification and modeling checking of systems
  • Assessment of dependability attributes of systems
  • Novel and unconventional approaches to dependability related problems              

Evolvable Hardware Research Group

Research Themes
  • bio-inspired hardware and software
  • approximate computing
  • evolutionary logic synthesis and optimization
  • evolvable hardware in FPGAs, neurocomputers
  • cellular automata and their applications
  • applications of evolutionary algorithms in computer engineering

Formal Model Research Group

Research Themes
  • Theoretical Basis of Information Systems
  • Formal Languages and Their Models
  • Specification and Translation of Languages
  • Applications of Formal Models
  • Reverse Engineering and Decompilation

Hardware-Software Codesign research group

Research Themes
  • Hardware-Software codesign of microprocessors for embedded systems 
  • Architecture Description Languages
  • Compilers
  • Generic tools for programming and simulation of the Application Specific Instruction set Processor
  • Transformations of architecture description languages and hardware description languages
  • Application of formal languages in compilers

High Performance Computing Research Group

Research Themes
  • Development of dynamic math models from basic principles
  • Selection of numerical integration algorithms to secure accuracy and stability
  • Special hardware design
  • Special software design
  • Graphical interface
  • Stiff systems analyzes
  • Design of control systems
  • Simulation of electronic circuits
  • Simulation of mechanical systems
  • Partial differential equations solving
  • Modelling of hydrophobic materials, solution of large problems involving contact flow. Usage of domain decomposition (FETI methods) for parallelization of numerical calculations 

Image and Video Processing Research Group

Research Themes
  • Automatic video editing
  • Algorithms for detection and tracking of objects and human body parts
  • Acceleration of image processing and computer vision in hardware
  • Detection of objects and shapes
  • Industrial and traffic applications of image processing

Information and Database Systems Research Group

Research Themes
  • Research and application of modelling techniques in information systems development
  • Object oriented database systems
  • Knowledge discovery in databases
  • Systems for decision support, OLAP systems 
  • Information extraction from documents
  • Web technologies
  • Interpreted languages and their usage
  • Process mining
  • Big Data

Intelligent Systems Research Group

Research Themes
  • Artificial Intelligence, Soft computing
  • Software agents and multiagent systems
  • Trust and reputation in distributed and multi-agent systems
  • Robotic systems and intelligent systems
  • Wireless Sensor Networks

Knowledge Technology Research Group

Research Themes
  • structured language models
  • syntactic analysis
  • ontology acquisition from free text
  • opinion mining
  • information retrieval and extraction from multimedia
  • lexical databases
  • semantic web technologies
  • technology-enhanced learning

Management of software engineering Research Group

Research Themes
  • Management of processes, projects, quality and risk in software management.
  • Object oriented software metrics and standards
  • Specification methods of processes and IT projects
  • Formal models of processes
  • Methods and tools for analyzing and design of processes
  • Improving of software development process
  • Methods of formal analyzing, design and verification of business processes
  • Modelling and optimization of business processes
  • Business process reengineering
  • Development of technologies applied in Big Data area
  • Development of tools for support of e-learning
  • Management, improvement and ensurence of quality by ISO 9000

NES@FIT - Networks and distributed systems research group

Research Themes
  • Design, specification and analysis of computer communication
  • Communication of embedded systems, wireless, mobile and sensor networking
  • Network forensic tools (project Netfox, project Tarzan)
  • IoT monitoring and security (project Ironstone, project IGA)
  • Security of industrial communication (project Bonnet, project Tractor)
  • Design of new network architecture (project PRISTINE)
  • Network modeling and simulation (projekt ANSAINET)
  • Recursive internetwork architecture (RINA) simulator (projekt RINASIM)
  • Monitoring, security and quality measurement of network communication with focus on voice and video transmissions

Robotic research group Robo@FIT

Research Themes
  • Sensory data processing and fusion
  • Object detection and classification
  • Localization and mapping
  • 3D environment modelling
  • Simulations
  • Advanced and assistive user interfaces 

SC@FIT - Supercomputing Technologies Research Group

Research Themes
Hardware topics
  • Architecture of parallel systems
  • Performance and scaling models of parallel systems
  • HPC systems based on GPUs and other accelerators
  • Low power systems, power-performance optimization
Software topics
  • Domain decomposition for spectral methods
  • Automatic load balancing on heterogeneous systems
  • Multi-scale and multi-physics model coupling
  • Asynchronous input/output in HPC applications
  • System for managing and monitoring supercomputers
  • Modern programming languages in HPC (Python, OpenACC, Thrust)
  • Simulation of ultrasound propagation in human body
  • Acceleration of photoacoustic imaging
  • Design of ultrasound sensors
  • High performance scientific applications

Security Technology Research and Development

Research Themes
  • biometric systems
  • security
  • image and video processing
  • embedded systems
  • police and military applications
  • smart sensors
  • robotics

Speech Data Mining Research Group BUT Speech@FIT

Research Themes
  • speaker identification
  • language identification
  • speech recognition
  • keyword spotting
  • phoneme recognition
  • speech corpora

System Modelling and Optimization Research Group

Research Themes
  • Discrete Event Systems
  • Petri Nets
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Systems Modeling, Simulation, Analysis and Design - methodology and tools

Unconventional Digital Circuits Research Group

Research Themes
  • Polymorphic electronics, multifunctional logic elements and their applications in digital circuits.
  • Digital devices based on organic semiconductors.
  • Utilisation of ambipolarity in digital circuits design.
  • Design and synthesis of multifunctional digital circuits at both transistor and gate level.

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