Intelligent Systems Research Group


2012GDEfALLL: Graphical development environment for ALLL language, software, 2012
Authors: Horáček Jan, Zbořil František, Žák Jakub
2010ContextGraph: Simulation tool for Hierarchical Model of Trust In Contexts, software, 2010
Authors: Samek Jan, Zbořil František, Malačka Ondřej
 T-Mass(X), A Tool for Multi-agent System Simulation, software, 2010
Authors: Zbořil František, Horáček Jan, Samek Jan
 Tool for simulation of Queuing systems by Petri nets, software, 2010
Authors: Drozdová Martina, Zbořil František V.
 WSageNt, software, 2010
Authors: Horáček Jan, Zbořil František
2007Algorithmic and mathematical principles of automatic number plate recognition systems, software, 2007
Authors: Martinský Ondrej, Zbořil František V., Drahanský Martin
 ISTA - Image Stabilization, prototype, 2007
Authors: Drahanský Martin, Orság Filip, Hegar Antonín, Vašíček Zdeněk, Zbořil František

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