PyLDNS based tool for DNS configuration check

Authors:Slaný Karel, Vašíček Zdeněk
Keywords:DNS, DNS configuration check, DNSSEC, IDN, SMTP check, HTTP check, IPv6
Dnscheck is a tool written in Python which implements some basic DNS tests. This tests are designed to discover some errors or mistakes in the DNS configuration. Or they can just give useful info about a domain.


  • Dnscheck is a modular tool. The functionality of the program can be enhanced by adding more plugins preforming additional tests.
  • Each module can have a list of dependencies on other modules. A module can process the results of other modules.
  • The tool can work with the IPv6 address-space. Feel free to enable the IPv6 functionality.
  • It is possible to fully disable the IPv4 functionality, however this is not recommended.
  • Includes DNSSEC functionality.
  • Supports IDN.
  • Can check HTTP servers for activity.
  • Can check SMTP servers for activity.
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Free software under the terms of BSD license (see

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