Packet Stack

Authors:Polčák Libor, Franková Barbora, Kekely Lukáš, Vrána Roman, Dražil Jan
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Keywords:Network traffic analysis, Application-layer protocol analysis, software defined monitoring, lawful interception.
This software package contains a library of software modules designed for fast recognition of applcation protocols and extraction of identifiers of the communicating users. The library currently supports SMTP, SIP, FTP, and POP3. Additional protocols can be easily added as the interface of the library is well-defined.

The software package utilises the library for software defined monitoring (SDM) of the network traffic in computer networks. The software is designed for lawful interception. The software controls FPGA filtering of flows using libsp1flt, which is included in this software package.
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Software je šířen v souladu s licenční politikou projektu Sondy pro analýzu a filtraci provozu na úrovni aplikačních protokolů, MV, VI20152019001.

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