Lawful Interception L7 Probe

Authors:Dražil Jan, Fukač Tomáš, Kekely Lukáš, Košař Vlastimil, Polčák Libor, Korček Pavol, Kořenek Jan
Licence:required - licence fee
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Keywords:Network traffic capture, Wire-speed packet filtration, software defined monitoring, lawful interception.
The functional sample allows filter network packets at the 1 Gbps link speed and export them to the remote storage device. The rules for filtering can be specified by the IPv4 address, IPv6 address or L7 identifiers (e.g. email address). The L7 identifier can also be combined with an IP address.

The probe is designed to be deployed in the last mile of the network infrastructure but it can be used also in the data centers  where are still available 1 Gbps links.

The probe can be switched into alternative statistical mode useful for  deployment in unfamiliar networks.  The main goal of this mode is inform user about the quality of the used link and allows him to decided if there are all required data.

The deployment procedure of the probe, its configuration, full specification of supported identifiers and used export protocol are defined in the user manual.
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The functional sample is available under the license policy of the VI20152019001 project run by the Ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic.

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