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PEČIVA Jan, STARKA Tomáš, MILET Tomáš, KOBRTEK Jozef and ZEMČÍK Pavel. Robust Silhouette Shadow Volumes on Contemporary Hardware. In: Conference Proceedings of GraphiCon'2013. Vladivostok: GraphiCon Scientific Society, 2013, pp. 56-59. ISBN 978-5-8044-1402-4.
Publication language:english
Original title:Robust Silhouette Shadow Volumes on Contemporary Hardware
Title (cs):Robustní algoritmus pro výpočet stínových těles na dnešním hardware
Proceedings:Conference Proceedings of GraphiCon'2013
Conference:23rd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision
Place:Vladivostok, RU
Publisher:GraphiCon Scientific Society
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shadow volumes, silhouette, OpenCL, GPGPU, geometry shader

The paper describes the algorithm, which produces visual artifact-free shadow volumes for an arbitrary triangle model. The algorithm has been implemented, optimized, and evaluated for a number of contemporary hardware platforms. The main contribution of the paper is removal of visual artifacts caused by finite precision of
floating point arithmetics. The paper also presents an overview of the implementation and result of the optimizations on individual platforms. Finally, the conclusions are drawn and the future work is outlined.

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