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STROKINA Nataliya, JURÁNEK Roman, EEROLA Tuomas, ZEMČÍK Pavel, KÄLVIÄINEN Heikki and LENSU Lasse. Comparison of Appearance-Based and Geometry-Based Bubble Detectors. In: Proccedings of Internation Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics. Warsaw: Springer Verlag, 2014, pp. 610-617. ISBN 978-3-319-11330-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:Comparison of Appearance-Based and Geometry-Based Bubble Detectors
Title (cs):Porovnání detektorů bublin založených na vzhledu a na geometrii
Proceedings:Proccedings of Internation Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics
Conference:International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics 2014
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8671
Place:Warsaw, PL
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Detection of Bubbles, 

Bubble detection is a complicated tasks since varying lighting conditions changes considerably the appearance of bubbles in liquid. The two common techniques to detect circular objects such as bubbles, the geometry-based and appearance-based approaches, have their advantages and weaknesses. The geometry-based methods often fail to detect small blob-like bubbles that do not match the used geometrical model, and appearance-based approaches are vulnerable to appearance changes caused by, e.g., illumination. In this paper, we compare a geometry-based concentric circular arrangements (CCA) and appearance-based sliding window methods as well as their combinations in terms of bubble detection, gas volume computation, and size distribution estimation. The best bubble detection performance was achieved with the sliding window method whereas the most precise volume estimate was produced by the CCA method. The combination of the two approaches gave only a minor advantage compared to the base methods.
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