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JAROŠ Jiří and SCHWARZ Josef. Evolutionary Design of Wormhole Switched Collective Communications. In: Proceedings of Junior Scientist Conference 2008. Vienna: TU Vienna, 2008, p. 2. ISBN 978-3-200-01612-5.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Evolutionary Design of Wormhole Switched Collective Communications
Title (en):Evolutionary Design of Wormhole Switched Collective Communications
Proceedings:Proceedings of Junior Scientist Conference 2008
Conference:Junior Scientist Conference 2008
Place:Vienna, AT
Publisher:TU Vienna
Evolutionary design, wormhole switching, many-to-many communications
In this paper, we describe an evolutionary technique aimed at scheduling collective communications on interconnection networks of parallel computers. To avoid contention for links and associated delays, collective communications proceed in synchronized steps. Minimum number of steps is sought for the given network topology, wormhole (pipelined) switching, minimum routing and given sets of sender and/or receiver nodes. Used technique is able not only re-invent optimum schedules for known symmetric topologies like hyper-cubes, but it can find schedules even for any asymmetric or irregular topologies in case of general many-to-many collective communications
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