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PIWKO Karel, CHMELAŘ Petr, HERNYCH Radim and KUBÍČEK Daniel. NAXD: Native XML Interface for a Relational Database. In: XML Prague Conference Proceedings. Prague: Charles University, 2010, pp. 307-316. ISBN 978-80-7378-115-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:NAXD: Native XML Interface for a Relational Database
Title (cs):NAXD: Nativní XML rozhraní pro relační databáze
Proceedings:XML Prague Conference Proceedings
Conference:XMLPrague 2010
Place:Prague, CZ
Publisher:Charles University
XML, XML persistence in RDBMS, hybrid algorithm, RELAX NG mapping, XML:DB API, XPath LL(*) parser, query performance optimization, data redundancy.
NeXD (originally NaXD) is an implementation of XML:DB API over a relational database. XML documents are shred into relations using XML schema, modified Hybrid algorithm and handles even not conforming documents. It specialises on data retrieval, document reconstruction and querying, where it provides an excellent performance. NeXD currently supports XPath 1.0, with work on XPath 2.0, XQuery and XQJ API in progress.
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