TREEBY Bradley E., BUDISKÝ Jakub, WISE Elliott S., JAROŠ Jiří a COX Ben T. Single-step Calculation of the Acoustic Field from Arbitrary Continuous-wave Sources. Ostrava, 2017.
Jazyk publikace:angličtina
Název publikace:Single-step Calculation of the Acoustic Field from Arbitrary Continuous-wave Sources
Konference:1st Users Conference of IT4Innovations
Místo vydání:Ostrava, CZ
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A single step Green's function method is used for calculating the acoustic field generated by phased array transducers when driven by a single frequency continuous wave excitation. The amplitude and phase of the excitation can vary with space, making it possible to model transducers of arbitrary shape. The solution is based on the Green's function for the homogeneous wave equation expressed in the spatial frequency domain. The temporal convolution integral is solved analytically, and the remaining integrals are expressed in the form of the spatial Fourier transform. The model is demonstrated through several examples and its computational cost is examined.

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