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DVOŘÁK Michal, DRAHANSKÝ Martin, KEMPTER Guido, MOHELNÍKOVÁ Jitka, LUŽA Radim, RITTER Walter and KÜNZ Andreas. Usability and Quality of Light Sources for Households. In: Beiträge zum Usability Day XV - Umgebungsunterstütztes Leben. Dornbirn: Pabst Science Publishers, 2017, pp. 125-133. ISBN 978-3-95853-316-5.
Publication language:english
Original title:Usability and Quality of Light Sources for Households
Title (cs):Použitelnost a kvalita světelných zdrojů pro domácnosti
Proceedings:Beiträge zum Usability Day XV - Umgebungsunterstütztes Leben
Conference:uDay XV - Umgebungsunterstütztes Leben
Place:Dornbirn, AT
Publisher:Pabst Science Publishers
light source, quality, household
With rapid spread of smart house technologies, it has become unavoidable that light sources are part of this ecosystem. However, as the particular parameters of individual light sources are mostly unknown and unmeasurable by a consumer, it has been the aim of this paper to identify light sources that will not only comply with necessary regulation, but will also not interfere with other devices and provide the occupants a light quality that will not impair the everyday functions.
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