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DRAHANSKÝ Martin, MEISTER Torsten and NEZHYBA Ondřej. Sicherheit für intelligente Häuser. In: Beiträge zum Usability Day XV - Umgebungsunterstütztes Leben. Dornbirn: Pabst Science Publishers, 2017, pp. 64-69. ISBN 978-3-95853-316-5.
Publication language:german
Original title:Sicherheit für intelligente Häuser
Title (cs):Bezpečnost inteligentních domů
Title (en):Security of smart homes
Proceedings:Beiträge zum Usability Day XV - Umgebungsunterstütztes Leben
Conference:uDay XV - Umgebungsunterstütztes Leben
Place:Dornbirn, AT
Publisher:Pabst Science Publishers
smart home, security, authentication, IoT
The article presents separate parts of a smart home. It describes their wire and wireless connection and discusses especially the assurance of their security in smart homes, however touching authentication methods (e.g. biometrics). One concrete example from the company Touchless Biometric Systems AG is introduced at the end.
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