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KAČIC Matej and BARABAS Maroš. Klasifikace informací v souvislostech. In: IS2 - Other Dimensions of Security. Praha: Tate International s.r.o., 2017, pp. 133-141. ISBN 978-80-86813-30-1.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Klasifikace informací v souvislostech
Title (en):Classification of information in context
Proceedings:IS2 - Other Dimensions of Security
Conference:Information Security Summit 2017
Place:Praha, CZ
Publisher:Tate International s.r.o.
classification of information, GDPR, dataloss prevention
This article provides a practical information about classification of information implementation and its relationship to the security standards, the requirements of the law of cyber security and regulations GDPR. We will also focus on the benefits of classification of information in the process of building security in a corporate environment, and the subsequent implementation of security technologies for the detection and prevention of information leakage and security monitoring. The examples of proper deployment of information classification will be provided. We will show the importance of a tool for increases security awareness in the environment of the company.
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