DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Hand-Based Biometrics: Methods and Technology. London: The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2018. ISBN 978-1-78561-224-4. Available from:
Publication language:english
Original title:Hand-Based Biometrics: Methods and Technology
Title (cs):Biometrie založená na ruce: Metody a technologie
Place:London, GB
Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
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biometrics, hand physiology, disease, nail, fingerprint, 2D hand geometry, 3D hand geometry, hand veins, finger veins, palmprint, spoofing, anti-spoofing, multispectral properties
The book contains the following chapters:
  1. General introduction (Martin Drahanský, Svetlana Yanushkevich)
  2. Inner hand physiology and diseases (Marie Nováková, Ivana Hradilová-Svíženská)
  3. Outer hand physiology and diseases (Eva Březinová)
  4. Nail structure and common disorders (Nick Johnson, K. Jeyapalan, Joseph Dias)
  5. State of the art in fingerprint recognition (Martin Drahanský, Ondřej Kanich)
  6. Large scale fingerprint recognition accelerated in hardware (Raffaele Cappelli, Matteo Ferrara, Davide Maltoni)
  7. Processing of fingerprints influenced by skin diseases (Martin Drahanský)
  8. Generating synthetic fingerprints (Raffaele Cappelli, Matteo Ferrara, Davide Maltoni)
  9. Robustness of finger-vein recognition (Christof Kauba, Andreas Uhl)
  10. An overview of palmvein biometrics (Mohanad Abukmeil, Gian Luca Marcialis, Sébastien Marcel)
  11. Finger vein recognition and new processing approaches (Lu Yang, Gongping Yang)
  12. Hand shape recognition and palmprint recognition using 2D and 3D features (Michal Dvořák, Martin Drahanský)
  13. New achievements in 3D hand shape recognition (Jan Svoboda, Michael Bronstein)
  14. Anti-spoofing and multispectral (optical) methods in hand-based biometrics (Mona Heidari, Tomáš Goldmann, Michal Dvořák, Martin Drahanský)
  15. Spoofing methods in hand-based biometrics (Ondřej Kanich, Martin Drahanský)
  16. Anti-spoofing methods in hand-based biometrics (Stephanie Schuckers, Robert Rowe)
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