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ZBOŘIL František, ROZMAN Jaroslav and KOČÍ Radek. Algorithmic creation of genealogical models. In: Proceedings of ISDA 2018. Los Alamitos: Springer International Publishing, 2019, pp. 650-658. ISBN 978-3-030-16659-5. ISSN 2194-5357.
Publication language:english
Original title:Algorithmic creation of genealogical models
Title (cs):Algoritmické vytváření genealogických modelů
Proceedings:Proceedings of ISDA 2018
Conference:18th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Designs and Applications
Series:Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 941
Place:Los Alamitos, US
Journal:Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Vol. 2019, No. 941, CZ
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
Genealogical models, State space searching method, Probabilistic record linkage
Need for automatic creation of genealogical models rises as the amount of digitalized and rewritten record from historical sources. Usually it is necessary to distinguish what is genealogical model by an axiomatic system. Automatically created models need not to fulfil the axioms when record is wrongly interconnected with other records. If we are capable to decide whether a model is a genealogical model, we can better produce models which are automatically created from a set of rewritten parish registers record. In this paper we introduce an algorithmic approach to creation of possible models of a parish society in the middle Europe from a set of rewritten baptism, marriage and burial records. It is shown that probabilistic estimation of person interconnection from different records could be helpful for reconstruction of a societies through several centuries. 
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