HERMAN David, ONDRÁČEK Tomáš and ORSÁG Filip. Quido - the robot that won the Robotour 2011 competition. Hammamet, 2012.
Publication language:english
Original title:Quido - the robot that won the Robotour 2011 competition
Title (cs):Quido - robot, který vyhrál soutěž Robotour 2011
Place:Hammamet, TN
roboauto, navigation, tracking
This paper describes robot Quido, which won Robotour 2011, and its navigation architecture. Quido was developed by a team of researchers from Roboauto project, Brno University of Technology, to promote the state-of-the-art in autonomous driving of car-like vehicles. The main contribution of this navigation architecture lies in the idea of putting together several relatively simple approaches to solving particulal problems in autonomous navigation and increasing the robustness of the whole system by high-level reasoning. Success in this competition is one of the results of intensive two-year development effort of Roboauto team, the primary goal of which is the development of a fully autonomous passenger car for urban environment.

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