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2019DRAHANSKÝ Martin, KANICH Ondřej, GOLDMANN Tomáą and DVOŘÁK Michal. Biometrické systémy - aktuální stav a bezpečnost. Útvar polic. vzdělávání a sluľební přípravy, Policie ČR, Brno, 2019.
 DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Face and Eye Recognition. Norwegian ID Centre (Norwegian Biometric Forum), Oslo, 2019.
 SEMERÁD Lukáą. Processing and generation of retinal images for medical purposes. Berlín, 2019.
2018BORDOVSKÝ Gabriel, COX Ben T. and JARO© Jiří. Photoacoustic Tomography Using the k-Wave Toolbox. Ostrava, 2018.
 DANTUMA Maura, LUCKA Felix, TREEBY Bradley E., JARO© Jiří, COX Ben T. and MANOHAR Srirang. Signal Frequency Content and Appearance of Tumors in Photoacoustic Breast Tomography: A Simulation. Caparica, 2018.
 DRAHANSKÝ Martin, DVOŘÁK Michal, HEIDARI Mona and SPURNÝ Martin. Overview of biometric technologies. Brno, 2018.
 DRAHANSKÝ Martin, PERNICKÝ Radim and KANICH Ondřej. Fingerprint spoofing. Wiesbaden: Federal Criminal Office, 2018.
 DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Biometrics - Liveness Detection on Fingers, Recognition of Finger Veins, 3D Hand, Eye Iris and Retina and 3D Face. FI MU, Brno, 2018.
 DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Präsentationsangriffe der Fingerabdrucktechnologie (TTT-AG-Biometrie). Darmstadt, 2018.
 JARO© Marta, TREEBY Bradley E. and JARO© Jiří. Design of HIFU Treatment Plans using an Evolutionary Strategy. Ostrava, 2018.
 KADLUBIAK Kristián, JARO© Jiří and TREEBY Bradley E. GPU-accelerated Simulation of Elastic Wave Propagation. Frankfurt am Main, 2018.
 KADLUBIAK Kristián, TREEBY Bradley E. and JARO© Jiří. Fourth-order Time-stepping Scheme in Simulation of Ultrasound Propagation. Ostrava, 2018.
 PLUSKAL Jan and VESELÝ Vladimír. TLS/SSL Decryption Workshop. Praha, 2018.
 VAVERKA Filip, ©PE«KO Matej, TREEBY Bradley E. and JARO© Jiří. Optimization of Ultrasound Simulations on Multi-GPU Servers. Dallas, 2018.
 VAVERKA Filip, TREEBY Bradley E. and JARO© Jiří. Running Large-Scale Ultrasound Simulations on Intel Xeon Phi (KNC) accelerators. Ostrava, 2018.
 VESELÝ Vladimír and PLUSKAL Jan. SSL/TLS Interception Workshop. Kuala Lumpur, 2018.
 VESELÝ Vladimír. Cryptocurrency Forensics Utilizing a Multi-currency Blockchain Explorer. Praha, 2018.
 VESELÝ Vladimír. Hunting Down Cryptocurrency Users. Kuala Lumpur, 2018.
 VESELÝ Vladimír. Towards Fully Automated Infinitely Scalable and Maximally Effective Password Cracking of Encrypted Documents. Kuala Lumpur, 2018.
2017BORDOVSKÝ Gabriel and JARO© Jiří. Optimization of Fracture Tests Simulation in Civil Engineering. Ostrava, 2017.
 ČUDOVÁ Marta and JARO© Jiří. Framework for Planning, Executing and Monitoring Cooperating Computations. Ostrava, 2017.
 DRAHANSKÝ Martin and KANICH Ondřej. Skin Diseases in Fingerprints. Praha, 2017.
 DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Detector of Weapons in Video. Praha, 2017.
 DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Multispectral Optical Properties of Human Hands Skin. Lillehammer, 2017.
 PLUSKAL Jan and RY©AVÝ Ondřej. Detection, and Analysis of SIP Fraud Attack on 100Gb Ethernet with NEMEA System. Pristina, 2017.
 TREEBY Bradley E., BUDISKÝ Jakub, WISE Elliott S., JARO© Jiří and COX Ben T. Single-step Calculation of the Acoustic Field from Arbitrary Continuous-wave Sources. Ostrava, 2017.
 VAVERKA Filip, TREEBY Bradley E. and JARO© Jiří. Running Large-Scale Ultrasound Simulations on 256 Salomon Nodes. Ostrava, 2017.
 VAVERKA Filip, TREEBY Bradley E. and JARO© Jiří. Running Large-Scale Ultrasound Simulations on Piz Daint with 512 Pascal GPUs. Denver, 2017.

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