Field of Study
Information Technology

Degree Programme: Information Technology, Bachelor, 3-years
Language of Instruction: czech
Form of Study: full-time
Guarantor:Hruška Tomáš, prof. Ing., CSc.
Study Plans:
Ac. YearTitle
2002/2003Information Technology (ac.y. 2002/3)
2003/2004Information Technology (ac.y. 2003/4)
2004/2005Information Technology (ac.y. 2004/5)
2005/2006Information Technology (ac.y. 2005/6)
2006/2007Information Technology (ac.y. 2006/7)
2007/2008Information Technology (ac.y. 2007/8)
2008/2009Information Technology (ac.y. 2008/9)
2009/2010Information Technology (ac.y. 2009/10)
2010/2011Information Technology (ac.y. 2010/11)
2011/2012Information Technology (ac.y. 2011/12)
2012/2013Information Technology (ac.y. 2012/13)
2013/2014Information Technology (ac.y. 2013/14)
2014/2015Information Technology (ac.y. 2014/15)
2015/2016Information Technology (ac.y. 2015/16) new
2015/2016Information Technology (ac.y. 2015/16) old
2016/2017Information Technology for ac.y. 2016/17 new
2016/2017Information Technology for ac.y. 2016/17 old
2017/2018Information Technology for ac.y. 2017/18 new
2017/2018Information Technology for ac.y. 2017/18 old
2018/2019Information Technology for ac.y. 2018/19 new
2018/2019Information Technology for ac.y. 2018/19 old
2019/2020Information Technology for ac.y. 2019/20 new
2019/2020Information Technology for ac.y. 2019/20 old

The enlistment of the field into a degree programme:
This branch of study is the only on the Bachelor Study Program Information Technology. It respects common rules, conditions and criteria that are defined in details in the general part of accreditation documents of the study program, and also in the rules and regulations created by Brno University of Technology (BUT in short) and by Faculty of Information Technology (FIT in short) as shown on Internet sites and
Study targets:
The aim of the Information Technology Bachelor Degree Programme  is to prepare alumni who are able to act as designers, programmers, and servicemen of computer systems, digital systems, computer networks, computer-based systems and programmers and administrators of database systems and information systems.
Extent of the final state examinations:
The State Final Examination has two parts: A defence of the Bachelor Thesis, and an oral colloquium. This oral colloquium is based on compulsory courses.
Alumnus profile:
  • A graduate has a theoretical background in computer hardware and software.
  • He is a qualified and flexible worker being able to adapt specific conditions at the working site.
  • He can act as a designer, engineer and maintenance technician for computer systems and digital devices, as installation technician for computer systems and networks, as a application programmer and software manager, database and information systems or as a qualified computer businessman.
Content and quantification of professional practice:
Specialised industrial practice is not required.
Possible themes of final projects:
  • Information System for Supporting the Third Age University Program
  • Evaluation of User Interfaces
  • Pseudocolours for Medicine Data Visualization
  • Software for GPS System Status Evaluation
  • Multiresolution Image Segmentation
  • Chip Card Program Verifier
  • Shape Modification for 2D Vector Models
  • Fractal Compression of One-Dimensional Signal
  • Interactive Visualization of Indoor Spaces
  • Dynamic Shadow Maps

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