Topics of PhD theses

# -Year Advisor Dept Title
12016Sekanina LukášUPSYAdaptive reconfigurable systems-on-chip for purposes of cryptography
22015Sekanina LukášUPSYEvolutionary algorithms for approximate computing
32014Sekanina LukášUPSYAdvanced methods for evolutionary circuit design
42014Sekanina LukášUPSYBiosignal processing in hardware
52014Sekanina LukášUPSYEvolvable hardware in network applications
62013Sekanina LukášUPSYEvolutionary algorithms for approximate computing
72011Sekanina LukášUPSYAdvanced techniques in genetic programming
82011Sekanina LukášUPSYSoftcomputing methods in traffic systems
92010Sekanina LukášUPSYEvolutionary design and optimization of microprogrammed architectures
102009Sekanina LukášUPSYAcceleration of Road Traffic Simulation on FPGAs
112007Sekanina LukášUPSYModelování a optimalizace monitorování síťových toků
122006Sekanina LukášUPSYMethods of Digital System Design for Evolvabilty
132005Sekanina LukášUPSYMethods of Polymorphic Digital Circuits Design
142004Sekanina LukášUPSYEvolutionary Design of Complex Systems

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