Topics of PhD theses

# Year Advisor +Dept Title
12019Kořenek JanUPSYDetection of Cybersecurity Threats Using Machine Learning Techniques
22018Kořenek JanUPSYFlexible mapping of the network functions of hardware architectures
32018Kořenek JanUPSYHardware Acceleration of intrusion detection systems
42016Kořenek JanUPSYAnalysis of Encrypted Network Traffic
52016Kořenek JanUPSYDistributed algorithms for network traffic analysis
62016Kořenek JanUPSYHardware Acceleration of Application Protocols Analysis
72016Kořenek JanUPSYMappling of packet processing described in P4 language to FPGA technology
82015Kořenek JanUPSYPattern matching in high-speed computer networks
92013Kořenek JanUPSYSoftware-Controlled Net Traffic Monitoring
102011Kořenek JanUPSYNew methods of network traffic analysis
112011Kořenek JanUPSYUse of reconfigurable circuits in computer networks

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