Topics of PhD theses

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# -Year Advisor Dept Title
512017Vojnar TomášUITSStatic Analysis and Bug Finding in Software
522017Zbořil FrantišekUITSPrototyping of sensor systems by multiagent systems
532017Zbořil František V.UITSNew approaches in Neural Network Theory
542017Zemčík PavelUPGMAdvanced Algorithms of Computer Graphics
552016Burget LukášUPGMAdvanced techniques and architectures for Recurrent Neural Network based Language models
562016Burget LukášUPGMAdvanced techniques and architectures for Recurrent Neural Network based Language models
572016Černocký JanUPGMSpeech data mining from distant icrophones
582016Drahanský MartinUITSConcept of algorithms for removal of influence of skin diseases on the process for fingerprint recognition
592016Hanáček PetrUITSAnalysis of Anonymisation Networks Security
602016Hanáček PetrUITSSecurity of wireless communication for IoT devices
612016Jaroš JiříUPSYMulti-scale Model Coupling in High Performance Computing
622016Jaroš JiříUPSYNumerical Solution of Problems with Jump Discontinuities
632016Kořenek JanUPSYAnalysis of Encrypted Network Traffic
642016Kořenek JanUPSYDistributed algorithms for network traffic analysis
652016Kořenek JanUPSYHardware Acceleration of Application Protocols Analysis
662016Kořenek JanUPSYMappling of packet processing described in P4 language to FPGA technology
672016Kotásek ZdeněkUPSYFault tolerant systems - the methodology of reconfiguration controller design
682016Kreslíková JitkaUIFSQuantitative analysis of high frequency time series
692016Martínek TomášUPSYAdvanced bioinformatic tool for computer design of proteins
702016Ryšavý OndřejUIFSProgramming Methods for Software Defined Networks
712016Sekanina LukášUPSYAdaptive reconfigurable systems-on-chip for purposes of cryptography
722016Vojnar TomášUITSStatic Analysis of Programs with Complex Control and/or Data Structures
732016Zbořil FrantišekUITSCooperation among robots
742016Zemčík PavelUPGMAlgorithms of Image and Video Processing
752016Zendulka JaroslavUIFSClassification on unbalanced data
762015Černocký JanUPGMApplications of Artifical Neural Networks to Automatic Speaker Recognition
772015Černocký JanUPGMLightly-supervised Speech Recognition Training on Heterogeneous Data
782015Drahanský MartinUITSNew technology for 2D and 3D hand geometry recognition
792015Drahanský MartinUITSResearch in area of biometric recognition and search of people using the face data
802015Herout AdamUPGMAdvanced Methods of Real-Time Rendering
812015Herout AdamUPGMDetection and Re-Identification of Objects in Image and Video
822015Herout AdamUPGMMining Information From Stationary Cameras
832015Jaroš JiříUPSYHigh Performance Computing on Multi-GPU Clusters
842015Kořenek JanUPSYPattern matching in high-speed computer networks
852015Kotásek ZdeněkUPSYFault tolerant systems design automation
862015Meduna AlexanderUIFSSystems of Formal Models
872015Růžička RichardUPSYUnconventional Technologies for Digital Systems Implementation
882015Ryšavý OndřejUIFSPacket analysis based network service diagnostics
892015Sekanina LukášUPSYEvolutionary algorithms for approximate computing
902015Vojnar TomášUITSAutomata in Decision Procedures and Formal Verification -- co-supervised by dr. L. Holik
912015Vojnar TomášUITSFormal Verification of Concurrent Programs with an Unbounded Number of Concurrent Threads -- co-supervised by dr. L. Holik
922015Vojnar TomášUITSStatic Analysis of Heap-Manipulating Programs -- co-supervised by dr. L. Holik
932015Zbořil František V.UITSBiologií inspirované řízeni kráčivého robota
942015Zemčík PavelUPGMAdvanced Algorithms of Video Processing
952015Zemčík PavelUPGMModern Algorithms of Computer Graphics
962015Zemčík PavelUPGMNon-traditional methods of image and video processing and acquisition
972015Zendulka JaroslavUIFSPokročilé bioinformatické nástroje pro analýzu strukturních rysů transposonů
982015Zendulka JaroslavUIFSPokročilé bioinformatické nástroje pro identifikaci, anotaci a inženýrství proteinů
992015Zendulka JaroslavUIFSPokročilé bioinformatické nástroje pro identifikaci, anotaci a inženýrství proteinů
1002014Beran VítězslavUPGMUser interfaces based on non-contact technologies

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