Topics of PhD theses

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# -Year Advisor Dept Title
3511992Dvořák VáclavUPSYSynthesis of low-cost decision diagrams
3521992Honzík Jan M.UIFSMethods for Design of an Object-Oriented Database System
3531992Hruška TomášUIFSModelling Program Semantics Using Graphs
3541991Rábová ZdeňkaUITSKnowledge based discrete simulation
3551989Dvořák VáclavUPSYDesign automation of microprocessor controllers with the use of Petri nets
3561988Dvořák VáclavUPSYA contribution to electronic circuit design for a laser interferometer
3571988Rábová ZdeňkaUITSObject model and its use in software construction
3581985Rábová ZdeňkaUITSTools for computer aided digital circuits design
3591984Dvořák VáclavUPSYDesign automation tasks of decomposition and placement of ICs
3601984Dvořák VáclavUPSYSolution of some problems in improving computer performance
3611983Rábová ZdeňkaUIVTModelling of programming language semantics and using models in programming language implementation

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