Topics of PhD theses

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# Year Advisor Dept +Title
511997Hruška TomášUIFSAuthorization Model for Strongly Distributed Information Systems
522015Vojnar TomášUITSAutomata in Decision Procedures and Formal Verification -- co-supervised by dr. L. Holik
532011Vojnar TomášUITSAutomated Verification in Hardware Design and Hardware/Software Codesign -- co-supervised by dr. A. Smrcka
542018Jaroš JiříUPSYAutomatic Desing of Ultrasound Treatment Plans
552009Zemčík PavelUPGMAutomatic reconstruction of 3D scene from images
562005Hanáček PetrUITSBehavioural Patterns in Computer Security
572018Smrž PavelUPGMBig Data Analysis by means of Deep Neural Networks
582017Ryšavý OndřejUIFSBig Data Analysis Techniques for Network Traffic Monitoring
592017Hruška TomášUIFSBig Data and Analysis of Business Processes for Industry 4.0
602015Zbořil František V.UITSBiologií inspirované řízeni kráčivého robota
612001Zbořil František V.UITSBiometric Systems
622001Zbořil František V.UITSBiometrické systémy
632014Sekanina LukášUPSYBiosignal processing in hardware
642014Kreslíková JitkaUIFSBusiness Rules Formalization
651994Hruška TomášUIFSCategorical Framework for Object-Oriented Database Model
662016Zendulka JaroslavUIFSClassification on unbalanced data
672010Burget LukášUPGMClassifiers for speech processing and their implementation
682003Švéda MiroslavUIFSCommunication and Security Network Protocols and their Verification
691999Drábek VladimírUPSYComponent approach to evolvable systems
702014Zemčík PavelUPGMCompression of Ultrasound Simulations Data
712002Zemčík PavelUPGMComputer Animation of Soft Tissues
722017Herout AdamUPGMComputer Vision in Traffic Monitoring
732018Drahanský MartinUITSConcept of algorithms for removal of influence of skin diseases on the process for fingerprint recognition
742016Drahanský MartinUITSConcept of algorithms for removal of influence of skin diseases on the process for fingerprint recognition
752014Kolář DušanUIFSContext Analysis of Formal Languages
761999Černocký JanUPGMContinuous speech recognition
772016Zbořil FrantišekUITSCooperation among robots
782002Zemčík PavelUPGMČásticové systémy
792013Kolář DušanUIFSData Transfers in Recursive Network Architectures
802009Kolář DušanUIFSDebugging Tools for Optimized Code of VLIW Architectures
812017Smrž PavelUPGMDeep neuron site and possibilities their aplication on industry
822010Fučík OttoUPSYDesign and optimisation of image classifiers
832009Kreslíková JitkaUIFSDesign and optimization of autonomous algorithmic models for time series prediction
841989Dvořák VáclavUPSYDesign automation of microprocessor controllers with the use of Petri nets
851984Dvořák VáclavUPSYDesign automation tasks of decomposition and placement of ICs
862011Herout AdamUPGMDesign of Special-Purpose Two-Dimensional Markers
872009Hanáček PetrUITSDesign Patterns for Parallel and Distributed Systems
882018Drahanský MartinUITSDetection and localization of (living) people behind obstacles
892012Herout AdamUPGMDetection and Localization of Objects in Image and Video
902010Herout AdamUPGMDetection and Localization of Objects in Image and Video
912015Herout AdamUPGMDetection and Re-Identification of Objects in Image and Video
922003Honzík Jan M.UIFSDevelopment of technology and tools for ¨distand learning and working (e-learning and teleworking)
932000Kotásek ZdeněkUPSYDigital circuit testability analysis and improvements at register-transfer level
942014Ryšavý OndřejUIFSDigital Forensics using Distributed Environment
952016Kořenek JanUPSYDistributed algorithms for network traffic analysis
962005Zbořil František V.UITSDistributed Artificial Intelligence
972003Rábová ZdeňkaUITSDistributed environment for building of heterogeneous models
982017Jaroš JiříUPSYDistributed Photoacoustic Imaging
992006Hanáček PetrUITSDistributed Trusted Computing
1002009Zendulka JaroslavUIFSDolování víceúrovňových sekvenčních vzorů

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