Topics of PhD theses

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# Year Advisor Dept +Title
1012013Vojnar TomášUITSDynamic Analysis and Intelligent Testing of Concurrent Programs -- co-supervised by dr. Z. Letko
1022013Růžička RichardUPSYDynamic Reconfiguration in Embedded Systems
1032011Janoušek VladimírUITSDynamic Software Architectures
1042010Vojnar TomášUITSEfficient Algorithms for Using Automata in Infinite-State Verification -- co-supervised by dr. L. Holik
1052010Růžička RichardUPSYEfficient mapping of network algorithms onto the reconfigurable devices
1062017Vojnar TomášUITSEfficient Techniques for Dealing with Automata and Logics and Their Applications -- co-supervised by dr. O. Lengal
1072011Smrž PavelUPGMEmbedded Systems in Robotics
1082013Schwarz JosefUPSYEvolutionary algorithm based on new paradigms
1092015Sekanina LukášUPSYEvolutionary algorithms for approximate computing
1102013Sekanina LukášUPSYEvolutionary algorithms for approximate computing
1112010Sekanina LukášUPSYEvolutionary design and optimization of microprogrammed architectures
1122004Sekanina LukášUPSYEvolutionary Design of Complex Systems
1132017Vašíček ZdeněkUPSYEvolutionary synthesis of complex digital circuits
1142014Sekanina LukášUPSYEvolvable hardware in network applications
1152007Herout AdamUPGMExploitation of GPU in graphics and image processing algorithms
1162018Kolář DušanUIFSExploitation of Machine Learning for Exact Classification of Malware
1172005Kotásek ZdeněkUPSYFault model of polymorphic gate
1182016Kotásek ZdeněkUPSYFault tolerant systems - the methodology of reconfiguration controller design
1192015Kotásek ZdeněkUPSYFault tolerant systems design automation
1202012Zemčík PavelUPGMFeature extraction, classification, recognition
1212009Burget LukášUPGMFinite-state based recognition networks for forward-backward speech decoding
1222018Kořenek JanUPSYFlexible mapping of the network functions of hardware architectures
1232014Vojnar TomášUITSFormal Analysis and Verification of Program Termination and Resource Consumption -- co-supervised by assoc. prof. A. Rogalewicz
1241997Češka MilanUITSFormal Analysis over Object-Oriented Petri Nets
1251999Kotásek ZdeněkUPSYFormal Approach to RTL Gigital Circuit Testability Analysis
1262003Hruška TomášUIFSFormal Definition of Object-Oriented Model
1271998Švéda MiroslavUIFSFormal Descriptions and Verifications of a Class of Higher Protocols with Real-Time Constraints
1282013Meduna AlexanderUIFSFormal Models of Computational Cooperation
1292013Meduna AlexanderUIFSFormal Models of Distributed Computation
1302009Meduna AlexanderUIFSFormal Models of Natural Language Processing
1312001Švéda MiroslavUIFSFormal Specifications and Verifications of Communication Protocols
1321996Švéda MiroslavUIFSFormal specifications of real-time systems
1332008Meduna AlexanderUIFSFormal Systems Based on Automata and Grammars
1342015Vojnar TomášUITSFormal Verification of Concurrent Programs with an Unbounded Number of Concurrent Threads -- co-supervised by dr. L. Holik
1352006Vojnar TomášUITSFormal Verification of Software Using the Automata Theory
1361994Hruška TomášUIFSFunctional Technology for Object-Oriented Modeling and Database
1372017Hruška TomášUIFSGamification in programming assignments: using dynamic difficulty adjustment and learning analytics to enhance education
1382010Kolář DušanUIFSGeneric Reverse Compilation to Recognize Specific Behavior
1392004Zendulka JaroslavUIFSGenomické databáze
1402002Zemčík PavelUPGMGesture recognition
1412013Zemčík PavelUPGMGraphics and video processing on high performance computers
1422014Zemčík PavelUPGMGraphics and video processing using powerful computers
1432002Zemčík PavelUPGMHardware accelerated graphics algorithms
1442016Kořenek JanUPSYHardware Acceleration of Application Protocols Analysis
1452018Kořenek JanUPSYHardware Acceleration of intrusion detection systems
1462003Dvořák VáclavUPSYHardware and software architectures for application-specific architectures
1472003Dvořák VáclavUPSYHardware and software architectures for application-specific architectures
1481997Rábová ZdeňkaUITSHierarchical Modelling Based on Communicating Objects
1492014Jaroš JiříUPSYHigh Performance Computing on Low Power Devices
1502015Jaroš JiříUPSYHigh Performance Computing on Multi-GPU Clusters

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