Department of Intelligent Systems

Advanced methods of deep inspection in the application layer to defend against today's threats

Czech title:Pokročilé metody hluboké inspekce v aplikační vrstvě pro obranu proti dnešním hrozbám
Research leader:Janků Petr
Team leaders:Holík Lukáš, Mlýnek Petr (FEKT VUT), Sláčik Ján (FEKT VUT), Vargovčík Pavol, Vojnar Tomáš
Agency:Brno University of Technology
Keywords:Network threat detection, in-depth analysis of network communication, string analysis
The project deals with methods of deep inspection of traffic within the application layer, mainly for HTTP / HTTPs protocols. This means focusing not only on unencrypted classical communication, but on solving the complex issue of encrypted communication between the sender and the recipient. This approach will allow for greater insight into operation and subsequent understanding of the operation and applications themselves. As a result, it will be possible to extend conventional detection systems with advanced algorithms that will be able to detect unwanted traffic through pattern matching and protocol inspection.

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